Digger Hayes

Thank you for visiting my portfolio. At heart, I'm an artist, creator, and geek. Professionally, this comes through as an art director and designer with over 9 years of experience across multiple fields. From my early days at a small town college in North Georgia, I have worked to kindle my passion for art and design. My ambition for bigger challenges lead me to leave my hometown of Canton, Georgia, for the chilly winters of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, the birthplace of Dungeons & Dragons, and an opportunity to combine business with pleasure.

There I began an epic adventure of travel, creativity, and love when I became a designer, typesetter, and art director for Margaret Weis Productions. While there, I was privileged to work on licensed major brands from popular television shows like Supernatural and Battlestar Galactica, as well as the cult classic movie Serenity, among others. The thrill of working on my favorite shows, games, and books was trumped only by what came next--meeting the intern who became my future wife, Liz. Together we traveled across the country, and around the world representing the work of Margaret Weis Productions at industry conventions. Working with major motion picture and television studio brands helped prepare me for my next adventure: creative marketing at a Fortune 500 Company. 

In the summer of 2009 Liz and I moved to Dallas where she would begin her career as an attorney and I would continue mine in a whole new way as an art director for JCPenney. Working within the marketing department allowed me to learn an entirely new style of creativity and art: lifestyle and still photography and retail marketing design. In the following 5 years, I have grown into the role of a Senior Art Director where my passion for design and creativity continue to flourish. Now I'm looking for the next chapter in my adventure.